1. This new year loses one point due to the lack of connectivity.
  2. One advantage of the video camera introduced in September 2017 is its ease of use.
  3. But even the compact and lightweight case is a plus for videographers.
  4. Strong and weakThe highlight of the XA11 is the twentyfold zoom, which allows focal lengths of between 26.8 to 576 millimeters in relation to the small picture format.
  5. The focus control is possible via a focus ring on the lens.
  6. In addition, there are several autofocus options, such as Instant AF, Medium AF, Face Detection and Push AF.
  7. A funky image stabilization should ensure unadulterated shots, even if the camera is moved.
  8. The storage media are SD cards in two memory card slots.
  9. This makes it easy to create backups and parallel recordings in two different formats are feasible.
  10. Videos can be recorded either in MP4 for example for Internet videos or AVCHD in high resolution.
  11. It should be available on the German market from November 2017.
  12. The picture scale has nothing to do with the quality of the recordings.
  13. It’s just a technical description that shows how big the depicted motif is in relation to the original.
  14. For example, 1: 1 means that the subject and the image on the sensor surface coincide in size.
  15. Unlike the 50p models from Panasonic, Sony and Samsung: They actually contribute to image enhancement.
  16. If you are sitting right in front of big televisions, you will be able to see the advantage in motion and, above all, still images.
  17. For small image sizes or large viewing distances, the 50p image looks exactly like the 50i image.
  18. Time lapse With the time lapse function, the images (individual images) are taken at intervals.
  19. For example, every second, every ten seconds, or every minute, a picture is taken, for a longer period of time that can be set in the camera.
  20. s can be found regularly in our regular magazine VIDEOAKTIV DIGITAL.
  21. The species is now extinct, to the chagrin of many filmmakers, because DV recordings could be post-processed well thanks to single-image compression in the computer.
  22. The next stage is the Pro Duo Mark 2, it ensures a minimum speed of 4 MB / s.
  23. Even faster is the Pro HG Duo, it creates at least 5 MB / s, a maximum of 30 MB / s.
  24. The actual placement of the horizon line is closely related to the image structure of the setting.
  25. The classical tripartition of the picture is not always optimal for the picture statement.

Canon XA11

Canon XA11

Canon XA11

Canon Xa11 Night Test In Akihabara, Tokyo

Canon XA11/XA15 sample movie I used only program AE mode. Sorry about flicker.

Review Canon Xa Camcorder

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Canon XA11 Compact Full HD ENG Camcorder With HDMI And Composite Output

Canon XA11 Compact Full HD ENG Camcorder with HDMI and Composite Output

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