Browning Range Ops BTC-4

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Browning Range Ops BTC 4

  1. While the enclosures of most wildlife cameras are monochrome or camouflage, Browning’s Range Ops BTC-4 comes with an enclosure reminiscent of tree bark.
  2. If the camera is attached to a tree, let it hide well in the woods or in the garden.
  3. In particular, it is used for game observation, but also serves to monitor your own property if there is a suspicion of an undesirable nightly visit by animals or humans.
  4. Strong and Weak In order to use the camera, eight AA batteries and a memory card must be used.
  5. This means that more than 11,400 recordings could be stored on such a large map.
  6. The images can be provided with inscriptions by the camera, for example with date, time and outside temperature.
  7. Price-performance ratio As wildcamers report on the Internet, they are surprised by their fast release times and high coverage.
  8. As the manufacturer’s product information is very poor and so far only a few customer reviews are available, this issue could pose a risk.

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