Bresser Surveillance And Wildlife Camera 60 ° 8MP

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Bresser surveillance and wildlife camera 60 ° 8MP

  1. The surveillance and wildlife camera 60 ° 8MP by Bresser takes with relatively good resolution wild animals at feeding stations, during the Kirrung or when debris on.
  2. However, it can also be used to protect the land from burglars or for wildlife observation in your own garden.
  3. Strong and weakThe game camera of Bresser has a camouflage case and can be attached unnoticed to animals and humans in relevant places.
  4. So that image and video recordings are possible even at dusk or in the dark, it has an almost invisible infrared flash.
  5. The images are automatically started by a motion sensor when it detects movement within a range of 12 meters.
  6. The memory is an SD card, which must be purchased in addition.
  7. For the power supply eight AA batteries with 1.5 volts each are needed, which should deliver energy for up to 12 months.
  8. Unfortunately, the camera does not have a monitor, so pictures can only be viewed at home on the computer.
  9. For this amount it does her job well, giving my customers product reviews.

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