Braun Photo Technology DV 75

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Braun Photo Technology DV 75

  1. Braun has, however, the little one with a not closer designated blur protection considered (” image stabilization aid ”).
  2. The images can be saved in different sizes and resolutions.
  3. Videos are recorded at a frame rate of 30 frames per second.
  4. The DV 75 can either store the material in an internal memory or hold it on an SD and MMC card.
  5. Large Monitor and Face RecognitionThe Braun Phototechnology DV 75 is quite up to date in terms of its features.
  6. Although it does not have a viewfinder, it has a fairly large monitor with a screen size of at least 3 inches.
  7. Unfortunately, the resolution of the display could not be found out yet.
  8. However, it is known that the monitor can be rotated by 300 degrees, which also allows unusual camera settings, such as shooting overhead.
  9. In addition, the DV 75 is equipped with face recognition and Pictbrigde connection, which can be used for a direct transfer of images to a printer.
  10. For playful filmmakers, Braun offers nine different picture frames that can be placed around the footage.

Braun Photo Technology DV 75

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