Braun Photo Technique Sixzero

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Braun Photo Technique Sixzero

  1. The new Sixzero has already been introduced at Photokina 2012 and has been on the market for some time now with good accessories.
  2. With various brackets and a Unterwassergehause you want to compete against the strong competition, which also has to offer full HD.
  3. Technical featuresThe rectangular black housing falls relatively large with dimensions around 90 x 42 x 22 millimeters. and comes to a weight of 95 grams without accessories.
  4. For about 225 EUR you can order the Sixzero at amazon and get next to the Actioncam a Unterwassergehause to 30 meters depth, a remote control, an external additional microphone with windscreen, a HDMI and a USB cable, a power cord adapter as a charger supplied.
  5. There is also a helmet attachment, a suction cup holder, a car holder, a steering wheel holder and a bag.
  6. So you are perfectly equipped for almost all purposes.
  7. The 1050 mAh strong lithium-ion batteries should last a good two hours at full HD and requires a charging time of about four hours.
  8. The video resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels can be done with 60 fields or 30 frames.
  9. The storage is then done in AVI format on an SDXC memory card, which is 64 GB in size. may be.
  10. The lens offers a viewing angle of 170 degrees at a constant light intensity of 1: 3,2.
  11. Picture Quality Most Action Cameras manufacturers offer a variety of videos in various situations as a demonstration on their website, but they are missing at Braun-Nurnberg.
  12. With a little research you will be on amazon fundig, but what you should not necessarily accept as positive advertising.
  13. The best way to see the youtube video of Roni Nikander the strong and weak of the sixzero.
  14. On hisuro, Roni races through the sun-drenched Finnish winter landscape.
  15. The Bottom Line With small compromises in image quality, you can certainly live with a glimpse of the good features that GoPro paid dearly for the Hero 3.

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